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>> In fact, as Bennett 1996 showed (and Hone and Benton 2008
>> confirmed) when you remove hind limb characters 

> <<Yes, but why would you want to do this?>>
> Bennett (1996) did this. He noted that most of the synapomorphies between 
> pterosaurs and Scleromochlus resided in the hind limbs, with little else to 
> promote a relatioship. 
legs are pretty danged important.
> Agreed. That's why you should look very carefully at the ornithodires and try 
> to see if you can find an elongated fifth toe.
 Velociraptors don't have fused fingers - yet they're related to birds, who do.
> <<But what we really need are basal pterosauromorphs.>>
> What if you never find them? Good luck in your search. 
 I'm confused - are you suggesting that we shouldn't discuss things that 
haven't been discovered?
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