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Re: Climate change vs BANDits

Tommy, I'd appreciate some of this documentation. Logic suggests you are more than likely right. Something had to have happened west of the American southwest.

The point is, that event was localized, and this event is planet wide.

Also it's important to recognize the parallels, such as what happens with the arctic glaciers melt too quickly.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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Subject: SV: Climate change vs BANDits

Uh... do you count China as "North Atlantic" or "southwestern US"? The
MWP is very well documented there, both from climate proxies and
historical records.

Tommy Tyrberg

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Ämne: Re: Climate change vs BANDits

I'd not been following this.  I've been very busy, and i took one look
the subject line.  Climate change vs bandits?  or BANDwhatsits?

Just so you all know, I looked into it.  The medieval warming period was