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D. Marjanovic wrote:

>>For years I've been trying to get you to address the fact that different taxa 
>>have different preservation potentials at different times in different 

And for years I have agreed with you. But it's not applicable in this case. 

>>You just keep making the assumption that all preservation potentials are 
>>equal and constant.<<

Not at all. That's your assumption, David, and you are not a mind reader.

<<Have you looked into the origin of lissamphibians lately? >>

Not applicable.

<<That of squamates? >>


<<That of lepidosaurs?>>


<<You're assuming that neither reversals nor convergence between suchians and 
dinosauromorphs happened. PAUP* doesn't.>>

What do suchians and dinosauromorphs have to do with pterosaurs? Nothing.

<<Let's wait till Atanassov publishes...>>

What is he publishing on? How is it pertinent to the ongoing discussions?
If you're referring to his old Texas material, I've seen it. Those belong to 
langobardisaurs, which are not suchians or dinosauromorphs. Or are you actually 
referring to Alifanov, who co-authored with Rubens on Longisquama?

David Peters