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M. Mortimer wrote:

>>Also because the cladistic analysis in the thesis has the same problems as 
almost every analysis dealing with pterosaur affinities- Lepidosauromorpha is 
the outgroup, Prolacertiformes is an OTU, etc..  The latter fact means Peters' 
hypothesis is not tested.  It should be noted too that in that analysis, 
Ornithodira is only unequivocally supported by five characters (thin tapered 
fibula*; advanced mesotarsal ankle*; astragalus transversely widened*; 
ascending process between tibia and fibula**; calcaneal tuber absent* (actually 
untrue in basal dinosaurs and dinosauromorphs.<<

* = also found in Cosesaurus, Sharovipteryx, Longisquama,

** = not found in pterosaurs, Cosesaurus, Sharovipteryx, Longisquama. 

*** = so I discovered since 2000. And it's key to several other misnestings.

The question then becomes, what are Macrocnemus, Cosesaurus, Tanystropheus, 
Jesairosaurus, Drepanosaurs, etc. ?

David Peters