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Re: Dinosaur sex

Actually,it wasn't that bad. It was not sensationalized, but instead the made the effort to be informative. The producers were not afraid of cautionary language or letting the paleos say "We don't know". The cgi was the usual for a TV budget. There was a feathered rex, which was nice to see. Sadly the head of the T.rex was pure Jurassic Park.

It was a more strait forward production that one would think. There was no Dolly Parton or Kenny Rodgers though, unless they were mo- capped for the dinosaur sex sequences.


On Feb 17, 2010, at 5:07 AM, Dan Chure wrote:

When the deep secrets of the universe are revealed to mere mortals, minds become unhinged, and they are often stunned into prolonged catatonia. The cutting edge CGI of those industry giants The Locomotive Entertainment Group are known for that.

I thought the way those people finally got off the island and escaped the killer shrews was pretty clever. The t rex porn show will be rebroadcast towards the end of the month. I have selected another classic, The Giant Leeches, for my viewing pleasure during that time slot.


MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:
Did anyone actually watch the program "Tyrannosaurus Sex"? Good, bad, ugly, cringe worthy? I chose to watch the Winter Olympics.