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Re: New MANIAC book is out! -good/poor flyer

Yes, it seems that there are many different flight specializations so
those good at some are bad at others. Getting a childish example,
however, some alumni can be good for maths, and bad for science
classes, and for others it can be the other way around. So, we cannot
say which one is the better student. But, this does not mean that
there are not students which are bad for all the subjects.

A bad for all flight specializations seems to be the puffin. Unles you
consider subaqueous flight as a kind of real flight, which is the
specialization which makes the puffin so bad on the air. Perhaps, and
unless the occurrence of a great morphological saltation, some flying
ancestor of flightless neornitheans was a "poor flier".

But I was told in this list by some people which knows more than me
that galliforms and tinamiforms are not poor fliers because they are
specialyzed in having a very vigorous and fast flight to avoid