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RE: New Burnham Book

Tim williams wrote-

> Exactly. Plus, there were small, feathered, and possibly winged paravians 
> near the end of the Cretaceous - such as _Mahakala_ and _Rahonavis_. Why 
> couldn't these have been four-winged gliders? Or two-winged gliders? 
> Maniraptoran gliders might have persisted until the very end of the 
> Cretaceous. Even if maniraptoran gliders did go extinct in the Lower 
> Cretaceous, it does not necessarily mean that birds were to blame.

While I agree Burnham's book sounds terrible and your basic point stands, 
Mahakala itself had rather short arms.  Thus I doubt it was gliding, though 
there are other taxa like Hesperonychus that could fit the bill.
Mickey Mortimer