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Re: New MANIAC book is out! -good/poor flyer

> > Now look at turkeys.... when do you observe them
> flying? basically never except when threatened.
> Indeed. But they can launch vertically at albatross grade
> body weights. That does not strike me as poor.

I have never observed this behavior in the wild turkeys I see, they always seem 
to attempt to run away first, and then start to fly, it may be dependent on the 
nature of the threat.

Also- from other threads on here(mainly pterosaur vs bird launching), it seems 
with birds, a large portion of the initial impulse comes from the legs of the 
bird, if that is what allows this supposed behavior, I wouldn't say that makes 
them good flyers, but good "launchers".
And if that ability is correlated to the leg muscles, that makes sense for 
birds that walk rather than fly when given the chance.