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Re: Helveticosaurus skull

Unfortunately, there are not so many papers on *Helveticosaurus*...
and the most recent one was done by Olivier Rieppel:

Rieppel O. 1989.
Helveticosaurus zollingeri Peyer (Reptilia, Diapsida): skeletal
paedomorphosis; functional anatomy and systematic affinities.
Palaeontographica A 208:123-152.

There is no pdf version avalaible for Palaeontographica - at least
until some benevolent paleontologist decides to scan it ;-) - and I
don't remember seeing a reconstruction from Rieppel's paper figured
more recently.

2010/2/22 David Peters <davidpeters@att.net>:
> Hey, DML,
> Can anyone send an image or a clear ref of the Helveticosaurus skull in situ? 
> I'm curious about the details. Please, not the Peyer tracing.
> David Peters
> davidpeters@att.net
Jocelyn Falconnet