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A new chronology for the end-Triassic mass extinction.

Deenen, M.H.L., M. Ruhl, N.R. Bonis, W. Krijgsman,
W.M. Kuerschner, M. Reitsma, M.J. van Bergen, 2010,
A new chronology for the end-Triassic mass extinction.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters. vol. 291,
no. 1-4, pp. 113-125.

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or link at bottom of "Late Triassic extinction(s): a singular
event or multiple ecological avalanches?" at:


In part, the abstract reads:

"The transition from the Triassic to Jurassic Period, initiating
the ‘Age of the dinosaurs’, approximately 200 Ma, is marked
by a profound mass extinction with more than 50% genus
loss in both marine and continental realms."


"We show that the oldest CAMP basalts are diachronous by
20 kyr across the Atlantic Ocean, and that these two volcanic
pulses coincide with the end-Triassic extinction interval in the
marine realm. Our results support the hypotheses of Phanerozoic
mass extinctions resulting from emplacement of Large Igneous
Provinces (LIPs) and provide crucial time constraints for
numerical modelling of Triassic–Jurassic climate change and
global carbon-cycle perturbations."


Paul Heinrich
Baton Rouge, LA