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Re: Abydosaurus mcintoshi, a new sauropod from the Albian of Utah

As I will briefly note in an upcoming paper, the presence of strange goose 
neck parapophyses in the holotype of B. altithorax that everyone including 
me managed to miss for some reason is so distinctive from other sauropods 
including other brachiosaurs that it alone warrants genetic separation, as do 
the other features that have been detailed. And it is improbable that all 
Morrison brachiosaurs are Brachiosaurus much less altithorax considering 
variation in vertebrae and the 8 million year span of the formation. 

Just lumping all Tendaguru and Morrison brachiosaur characters in one taxon 
in a phylogenetic study these days is like how all those iguanodont taxa 
were joined a single Iguanodon in cladograms that I finally put a stop to with 
my recent papers.