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Flugsaurier 2010: 2nd Circular

Dear All,

Herewith the Second Circular for the pterosaur meeting 'Flugsaurier 2010' 
scheduled for Beijing this summer.
If anyone wants the original circular with a properly formatted registration 
form please email me (dmu1@le.ac.uk) or Lü Junchang (lujc2008@126.com). 

Important dates:
Abstract  deadline: March 31st, 2010.
Registration deadline: May 1st, 2010

Important factoid:
The registration fee of 450 US Dollars (200 for students and accompanying 
persons) covers everything including hotel, meals and fieldtrip! 

Flugsaurier 2010
Third International Symposium on Pterosaurs
5-10 August, 2010
Beijing, China
Second Circular 

Pterosaurs are amongst the most fascinating and enigmatic of all extinct 
creatures. Thanks to some spectacular fossil finds in recent years our 
understanding of the palaeobiology and evolutionary history of these ‘flying 
reptiles’ has seen several dramatic advances. Some of the most important 
discoveries, including the first eggs with embryos, have been made in China 
where Late Jurassic/Early Cretaceous rocks are currently producing new species 
of pterosaurs at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world. In recognition 
of this, the Third International Symposium on Pterosaurs “Flugsaurier 2010” 
will be held in China in August 2010. This will be the third international 
pterosaur symposium and follows successful meetings held in France in 2001 and 
Germany in 2007. 

The meeting will be organized mainly by the China Geological Survey, sponsored 
by the Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, and 
co-sponsored by:
China Fossil Preservation Foundation,
China Dinosaur Park of Changzhou,
The Bureau of Fossil Protection, Liaoning Provincial Department of National 
Land Resources, 
The Government of Beipiao City.

The meeting is planned for the 5th-10th August, 2010. Talks, posters, at least 
one open discussion session and (subject to availability) examination of 
specimens are planned for the first three days of the meeting. This will be 
followed by an optional three day field excursion to view exposures of the 
Jehol Group and exhibitions/collections of fossils from this sequence which has 
yielded more than 100 specimens of pterosaurs in the last 10 years. All those 
interested in pterosaurs and the communities and environments in which they 
lived are encouraged to attend. 

1. Meeting aims:
As in previous symposia, this meeting is intended to cover all aspects of 
pterosaur palaeobiology and the world in which they live, including:
(a) The origin and evolution of pterosaurs
(b) Taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny
(c) Palaeobiology including anatomy, functional morphology and ontogeny
(d) Taphonomy, sedimentology and preservational environments
(e) Ecosystems and contemporaneous fauna and flora

2. Preliminary schedule:

August 5th 
Up to 17:00 Registration (exact location will be given in the third Circular)
18:30-20:00 Reception (exact location will be given in the third Circular)

August 6th
09:00-9:40 Opening ceremony
10:00-12:00 Oral presentations
13:30-18:00 Oral presentations

August 7th 
09:00-12:00 Oral presentations
13:30-18:00 Posters and specimen examination (or visit to Forbidden City/Summer 
Palace/Great Wall)

August 8th 
09:00-1200 Oral presentations/open discussion 
13:00 Leave for Liaoning. Arrive Beipiao early evening. 

August 9th 
08:00-12:00 Visiting exposures of the Jehol Group. 
14:00-17:00 Visit to Sihetun Fossil Museum.

August 10th 
08:00-11:00 Visit to Chaoyang Geopark 
1200: Return to Beijing.
19:00-21:00 Farewell party. 

Oral presentations will consist of key-note lectures (45 minutes) and talks (30 
minutes). These times include at least 5 minutes for questions and discussion. 
Attendees can apply to deliver more than one talk and /or poster. 

There will be at least one poster session (Posters should be prepared so that 
they fit onto a board with maximum dimensions of 90 cm (height) X 120 cm 

3. Abstracts and Symposium Volumes
An abstract volume will be prepared for distribution at the meeting. The 
abstract submission deadline is March 31st, 2010. No abstracts will be accepted 
after this date. Abstracts of up to two printed pages (A4; all text: Arial; 
title: 14pt, all caps; authors: 14pt, bold; address: 12 pt, italics; text: 12 
pt, single spaced) including figures and references if desired are preferred, 
but longer abstracts will be considered. Preferred formats are “Word” for text 
files and “JPG” for figures. A symposium volume is planned for publication in 
2011 and will be open to both attendees and non-attendees, with preference 
given to the former. The deadline for manuscript submissions will be December 
31st, 2010.

4.   Registration
Registration fee is $450 US for professional participants, $200 US for students 
and accompanying persons. The registration fee covers all the costs of the 
meeting: registration, the fieldtrip, accommodation for the duration of the 
meeting (including the fieldtrip) and all meals. 

Please send payment to (before the end of June):
Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
ACCOUNT No. 0200001409008818443
Tel.: 008610-68999665

Please note:

Payment of fees at the registration desk can be done by cash (US dollars or 
Chinese yuan). Credit cards and cheques can not be accepted.  
All refunds (including non-attendance) will incur a 25% charge. 
We will arrange accommodation for all attendees. If you have any questions 
regarding accommodation, or would prefer to organize your own accommodation 
please contact us immediately.

5. Symposium Committees

(a) Steering committee
Honorary Chairman: Wang Min
Chairman: Zhong Ziran
Vice Chairmen: Chen Xiaoning, Bai Xingbi, Dong Shuwen, Hou Zengqian
Secretary-general:      Gao Jinxi
Vice-secretary-general: Yao Peiyi, Ji Qiang
Committee members: Ye Jianliang, Liu Fengshan, Ji Shu’an, Lü Junchang 

(b) Academic committee:
Chairman: Unwin, David (UK)
Vice Chairmen: Ji Qiang, Lü Junchang
Committee members: Andres Brian (USA), Bennett Chris (USA), Buffetaut Eric 
(France), Ji Shu’an (China), Kellner Alexander (Brazil), Dong Zhiming (China).
Academic Secretaries: Ji Qiang, Ji Shu’an, Lü Junchang, Lee Yuong-Nam, David 

All correspondence (e-mail preferred), including any questions or suggestions, 
should be sent to Lü Junchang and Dave Unwin:

Lü Junchang
Institute of Geology
Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
Beijing 100037
e-mail: Yilong2010@gmail.com  or: lujc2008@126.com

Tel: 0086-1068999707 (0), 00-86-13717801392 

David M Unwin
School of Museum Studies
University of Leicester
19 University Road
Leicester LE1 7RF 
Tel: +44 (0) 116 252 3947
e-mail: dmu1@leicester.ac.uk

6. Registration form


Mailing address 

Zip code                
Fax no.         
Accompanying person(s)  

Preliminary title(s) of talk(s) 

Preliminary title(s) of poster(s)       

Joining the field trip: yes/no  
Other suggestions       

Please complete and return this form (preferably as an email attachment) before 
May 1st 2010, to Lü Junchang (Yilong2010@gmail.com  or lujc2008@126.com) or 
Dave Unwin (dmu1@le.ac.uk).

PS. If you need an invitation for visa purposes please contact Lü Junchang.