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Giant 'Shell Crusher' Shark Remains Found in Kansas

Giant 'Shell Crusher' Shark Remains Found in Kansas
FOXNews.com, February 23, 2010,

'Shell Crusher' Shark Swam Cretaceous Kansas
Discovery News by Jennifer Viegas, Feb 23, 2010

Giant predatory shark fossil unearthed in Kansas
BBC News by Matt Walker, Feb 24, 2010

The paper is:

Friedman,M.,  K. Shimada, L. D. Martin, M. J. Everhart,
J. Liston, A. Maltese, and M. Triebold, 2010, 100-Million-
Year Dynasty of Giant Planktivorous Bony Fishes in the
Mesozoic Seas. Science. vol.. 327, no. 5968, pp. 990-993.
DOI: 10.1126/science.1184743.


Paul Heinrich
Baton Rouge, LA