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RE: Forum (was Re: FW: Test "results"...)

Yes, there are a godzillion dinosaur forums, and all of them are junk!
There are pro's as well as con's for forums (like not screwing up url's) but
obviously not enough.  

It just appears to me that forum software is improving all the time, and is
probably used sufficiently for it to be tested as part of OS upgrades etc,
and mailing list software is not. We already appear to have email programs
that the listproc can't handle, lets hope that it does not get any worse.

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Saint Abyssal wrote:
> I also like the idea of the change to a forum-based discussion center.
> However, there may be an issue of convenience for our busier members. They
> seem fond of the list as it is because the messages are sent directly to
> their inbox. I haven't been an active forum-goer for some time now, would
> there be a way to keep the convenience of a mailing list for some members,
> while the rest participate in the traditional way at the forum? The
> ability to receive notifications of new threads by email and post by email
> might make the prospect more appealing to members fond of the mailing list
> format.

Precisely. You will lose many members (me included) if this goes

And for Pete's sake, it isn't like there aren't a few godzillion
dinosaur-based forum out there for those who want them!

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