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New version of Dinosaur Encyclopaedia

Just a short note to say that version 12 of the Dinosaur Encyclopaedia is now available. It is on CD in PDF format and runs on any
computer capable of viewing PDF files (Mac, Unix, Windows etc).
All named dinosaurs and Mesozoic birds up to mid December 2009 are included.
Currently contains 1232 genera, 2370 species and more than 28,000 specimens with descriptions, locations, catalogue numbers etc.
The usual essay section is included, and the reference count is now over 4180.
Price for the new version is Aust$40, upgrades still $10 (previous users should receive either an email or letter very soon, but feel free to contact me first or if you don't hear from me within a couple of weeks - I've probably got a few incorrect email addresses).
To download a demo version go to
For further information please contact me offlist.
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Graeme Worth