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Re: Dinosaur Calendar Project

But, seriously folks...   :-)

I am currently reading the journals of Arthur Lakes (DISCOVERING DINOSAURS
IN THE OLD WEST, edited by Michael F. Kohl and John S. McIntosh, 1997) so
here's a significant date:
On March 27th, 1877, Arthur Lakes and Captain Henry C. Beckwith discovered
the first dinosaur bones eroding out of a hogback near the little
settlement of Morrison, Colorado.

Er... I guess I mean the first big *Jurassic* dinosaurs... not the first
*ever* dinosaurs. Or were there Jurassic or Morrison Formation aged
dinosaurs discovered elsewhere before that? A little help from the List on

Another question for the List:
When was the Morrison Formation named? It was named after the town and not
vice versa, right?

Question for John Schneiderman:
What form will your calendar take? I assume it will be something online
since you mentioned links to articles and pictures. Will this be a product
you can market or is it intended be a hobby project? Tell us more!

-- Donna Braginetz


> I am looking to start up a dinosaur themed
> calendar and would like your help.

> I need interesting facts especially related to
> specific dates. Facts can be birthdates of famous
> paleontologists or anyone contributing to the
> study of dinosaurs. Historical events,
> anniversaries, unique fossil finds and anything
> that would be of interest. All this will be
> compiled into a day-by-day format.
> Online links to specific articles and pictures
> of course would require permissions for inclusion.
> Each date will also spotlight a specific dinosaur
> species or genus so a brief summary about it would
> be helpful [sort of a did-you-know].

> I hope that this would give everyone on list a
> chance to contribute. It would be fun to see what
> comes of this. Any technical advice also welcome.

> Thanks in advance,
> John Schneiderman