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RE: Reconstructed Tyrannosaur Behavior

Now that's more like it!!
What I particularly love about this animation is the return to
the original majestic upright posture of big theropods. The last
25 years has seen a lot of their majesty stripped away. 
Also, when the beasts come to a complete standstill, BOTH feet are
together with the hips rotating vertically in an up/down motion. I
just loathe the unnatural full stride Hollywood posture when these
large beasts are standing still. 
And finally. Its nice to see them portrayed as animals with a multiple
repetoire of vocalizations. This is the most realistic, if not the only
realistic animation yet. Kudos to Mat Polaschek. 

> Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 12:00:51 -0500
> From: aelbein@gmail.com
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Reconstructed Tyrannosaur Behavior
> Pardon if this has been posted before--but I just discovered a fairly
> thought provoking bit of animation. It's a reconstruction of two different
> interpretations of theropod behavior; one very bird like, the other more
> mammalian. For some reason, seeing these two interpretations side by side
> made something click. I especially love the little foot jab toward the end.
> Just awesome. Props to Mat Polaschek for a great piece.
> http://digitalmedia.massey.ac.nz/exposure/student.php?id=44
> So now I'm wondering: while the avian t.rex is modeled on a gull, is there a
> better analogue to chose? A caracara, perhaps, or a secratary bird, or some
> other predatory bird that forages on the ground? And what bits of the
> behavior shown here are common across the spectrum of birds?
> Obviously, having cgi dinosaurs "act" like this would make any new
> documentaries coming down the pipeline a whole lot more interesting (and
> novel) then any that have come before. We've all seen the jurassic park
> T.rex have it's preformance copied ad infinitum. I think it's time for some
> new interpretations.
> Thoughts?                                       
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