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Re: Ornithostoma query


You can see Ornithostoma, in full, scrappy glory, in figure 13 of:

Unwin, D. M. 2001. An overview of the pterosaur assemblage from the
Cambridge Greensand (Cretaceous) of Eastern England. Mitteilungen Museum
fÃr Naturkunde Berlin, Geowissenschaftlichen, 4, 189-221.

I have the pdf if you need it. 

Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone.




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>>> David Peters <davidpeters@att.net> 01/01/10 12:45 pm >>>
Here's one to start the new year off right:

I've never seen an image of the British Ornithostoma material. Anyone
have a suggestion as to where to look? 

If anyone suggests the BMNH, the sarcasm will be gratefully
appreciated.  :  )  I'm curious, just not THAT curious.

David Peters
St. Louis