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Re: A first practical step on the documentary problem

2010/1/4 Dr Ronald Orenstein <ron.orenstein@rogers.com>:
> I think that people need to look at the broader picture.  The standards of 
> so-called "scientific" documentaries on a wide range of subjects can be 
> pretty appalling - just look at the pseudoscientific nonsense set out in 
> programs about such things as, for example, the age of the Sphinx.  Dino docs 
> are just part of the problem of "infotainment".

Sure they -- but they are the part that WE can influence.  I think
Greg's idea is an excellent one: it hits the sweet spot of being quick
and easy to implement but also likely to get some significant
publicity.  It should not be hard for someone to draft a
single-page-of-US-letter document stating what is required.  Getting
the SVP's seal of approval on such a document would be a big step.