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[Fwd: The Docu problem]

Rescued from truncation.

> GS Paul,
> I feel your idea is a good one, I, one of the dino-enthusiast, but
> non-scientific types happen to be a film student =96 (I loved Dinosaurs bef= > ore JP)! I also happen to like making docs. The problem we are facing is the
> fact that Discovery and other sci/infotainment type "producers" are not
> aware, and it takes a good deal of networking to make them aware. In this
> vast network of people who here has access to the show producers, and
> further more their "dino consultants" saying interview this guy and show th=
> e
> his idea in this type of animation. It's that person or team we need to get
> our hands on and shake! lol.
> I think if the Paleo world wants to say "Hey, enough with the misleading
> info!" it will be an up hill battle, but an up hill battle that IS beatable!
> The internet is powerful, we might not be able to get them to change or re > edit there programming, but we might be able to convince Discovery to have
> a certified section on there web page, pointing the public to the real
> scientific info. Or even to currently modify their shows with a warning
> before continuing the show that some of the information is speculative. Or
> not approved by (insert cool Paleo Society name here) lol.
> Independent film producers and documentarians work closely with their
> subjects or subject matter, and are usually forth right about the type of
> doc they are trying to achieve, but as a film student I can tell you, it all
> boils down to footage, commentary, and who edits the piece.
> As far as improving animation, that all boils down to finances, I=92m sure
> David Krentz can give us more of an explanation on how the money and time
> issue affects the quality down the animation production pipeline. But for
> all headaches aside, I=92m sure like the military, Discovery goes to the
> lowest bidder, or who ever can meet the deadline for that price.

The military goes for the lowest bidder!?! In what country?

> Not to say all of the animation is bad, but it does take a team to get it down > properly, and some boo coo software which I=92m sure Discovery wouldn=92t e=
> ven blink at, compared to the cost of optics on their HD cameras.
 From a filmic standpoint Dinos =3D Money, The public loves them
from age 3 to age 110+! Producers are well aware of this fact, and use
it to their
> advantage. The true scientific Paleo community has been fighting the way
> dinosaurs have been portrayed since the first stop motion animation or 2D
> animation was brought to the silver screen, what=92s worse is blockbusters
> such as Jurassic Park, and even King Kong have embedded wrong information
> deep into the minds of the public, especially the malleable minds of
> children. JP came out when I was in 3rd grade, and to this date, I get into > arguments about the size of raptors =96 Velociraptors! Lol.. it=92s maddeni=
> ng.
> And its because of those films, it makes it harder for the scientific
> community to approach even something like Feathers on two legged beasties!
> I say we should try and make a stand or push for this movement, as media
> providers to the masses I feel that it is their responsibility to have a
> quality check for what they publish! And more importantly if it is of
> scientific nature they should keep it to as close as the research shows or
> proven, perhaps make separate programming to illustrate the more
> controversial ideas or newly developed ideas as an addendum to their initial
> programming.
> --=20
> Michelle McIntyre
> Total Eclipse Studios
> http://www.totaleclipsestudios.com