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Re: A first practical step on the documentary problem

On Jan 5, 2010, at 12:33 PM, Saint Abyssal <saint_abyssal@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Maybe a group of DML members
> could start a collaborative blog,
> a "Dino Media Watch" and nitpick
> the daylights out of documentaries,
> movies, etc.

If formed, such a blog should have a high-profile
paleontologist (or two) as the spokesperson(s).  It would help if the 
spokesperson(s) had a smooth, witty, sardonic style.

One caveat: The media won't pay much attention to such a consortium if the 
bloggers/spokespersons come across as a group of anal dino-geeks.

If it is to achieve its goals, such a blog should also have close contacts with 
media outlets who are not afraid to "out" their brothers.  An alliance with 
_Discover_ Mag., _Nat. Geog._, or _Popular Science_ might be a good idea.  They 
could have a monthly side-bar with the latest media blunders listed, as well as 
the blog's URL.  Total magazine space:  1/4 of one page.

Don't bother trying to form an alliance with the T.V. media.  They will be the 
targets of the consortium's attacks, and they will quickly learn to ignore the 

Anybody heard of a guy named James Randi?  Nice guy.  He was formerly a 
magician.  Now he spends most of his time debunking the fruitcakes of 
pseudo-science.  I see someone like that as a spokesperson.  Or maybe someone 
like the late S.J. Gould.  Or maybe a curmudgeon.  The media likes curmudgeons 
because they are entertaining.



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