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Another example of a bad documentary

The so called History Channel ran a 2, that's two, hr documentary called 
Apocalypse Island Sunday night. The focus was on "anthropologist/explorer" 
apparently actually wacked out and/or looking for some money New Ager Jim 
Turner who claims to have discovered a Mayan monument on islands far off South 
America that will -- if only accepted by mainstream researchers -- will 
finally solve the 2012 mystery and perhaps save humanity. The monument appears 
be merely a rock pillar that has eroded to vaquely have a "human face" 
similar to the former New Hampshire "Man of the Mountain." No archaeological 
trace of Mayans being on the extremely remote and rugged island was presented, 
and the absurdity of the piller being carved was hidden by showing the actual 
rocks only in brief video snap shots, while spending a lot more time on the 
digital "enhancement" of what it looked like when carved ~1000 yrs ago. 

A "scientific expert" whose name I did not catch explained how the end will 
come in 2012. You see, we now know that their is a black hole at the center 
of the galaxy that periodically explodes. In 2012 there will be an amazing 
alignment of planets that happens only every 6000 years or so. So, that's 
when the next explosion of the black hole will sweep through the galaxy 
spreading havoc. How it is that a mere alignment of planets in our wee little 
solar system out near the galactic rim will influence a black hole whose 
radiation effects would take tens of thousands of years to get out here (and in 
fact we are too far away to be impacted, which is why we are well out in the 
spiral arms and the Drake equation that assumes the entire galaxy is habitable 
bogus) was not explained. 

Here's the paleo connection. The AI program expert said that the 2nd to 
last alignment occured 13,000 yrs ago, leading the great Pleistocene 
extinction. That H. sapiens showed up around that time in the America's was not 

Obviously History Channel is trying to squeeze money out of the 2012 craze. 
And they do not care that they are misleading people about the legitimate 
paleontology in the process.