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RE: Polish find in Nature

Oops - LivoniaNA not Livonia. From the Givetian-E.Frasnian Guaha Fm of Latvia & 
Estonia. Alas, only known from the lower jaw.  Has highly derived dentition and 
other characters previously throught to have been characteristic of Frasnian 

Ahlberg, P.E., E. Luksevics and E. Mark-Kurik. 2000. A near-tetrapod from the 
Baltic Middle Devonian. Paleontology 43(3): 533-548.


From: david maas [david@brainpets.com]
Sent: Thursday, 7 January 2010 11:12 PM
To: Choo, Brian
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Subject: Re: Polish find in Nature

Choo, Brian schrieb:
> it should be noted that more derived (tetrapod-like) fishapod Livonia existed 
> long before Tiktaalik.
I tried unsuccessfully to locate any material on Livonia. Could you
point me to any material?
(Sounds like an interesting visualization candidate.)

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