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RE: First New Dino of 2010

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> Longrich, N.R., Sankey, J., and Tanke, D. 2010. Texacephale 
> langstoni, a new genus of pachycephalosaurid (Dinosauria: 
> Ornithischia) from the upper Campanian Aguja Formation, 
> southern Texas, USA. Cretaceous Research. doi:
> 10.1016/j.cretres.2009.12.002.

In the broader systematic implications of this paper, they regard
Homalocephale as a juvenile of the sympatric Prenocephale, and Wannanosaurus
and Goyocephale as juveniles of (almost certainly domed) otherwise
undiscovered adult taxa. Thus there are at present no flat-headed adult
pachycephalosaurs. Additionally, various derived features align these Asian
taxa with the Maastrichtian long-snouted giant pachycephalosaur clade (for
splitters: Alaskacephale, Dracorex, Stygimoloch & Pachycephalosaurus; for
lumpers, Pachycephalosaurus) to the exclusion of the Judithian and
Edmontonian North American taxa.

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