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Re: First New Dino of 2010

Mike Keesey wrote:

> Although, if I'm not mistaken, the family-group names would
> still be
> based on _Homalocephale_ (e.g., Homalocephalidae), except
> where they
> are considered synonymous with a name based on an older
> genus name
> (e.g., Pachycephalosauridae).

I don't think you're mistaken, Mike; you rarely (if ever) are.  
Homalocephalidae would be the valid name of the family, even if _Homalocephale_ 
is sunk into _Prenocephale_.  Similarly, Caenagnathidae is the valid name of 
the family that contains _Caenagnathus_ and _Chirostenotes_, even if 
_Chirostenotes_ is sunk into _Caenagnathus_.