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RE: Horner's Pachy Lumpin' - Your Thoughts?

> Horner likewise did not attempt to explain this, from the
> Bakker et al. description of _Dracorex_: "_Stygimoloch
> spinifer_ is characterized by a huge spike cluster,
> consisting of 3 enlarged (hypertrophied) spikes. This
> differs from the shorter 4 spike arrangement in _Dracorex
> hogwartsia_" (Bakker et al. 2006, page 11). If 'Draco' has
> four horns, and 'Stygi' has three, then we've lost a horn
> during ontogeny. This interesting quirk is not touched upon,
> nowhere in Horner and Goodwin (2009) is the ontogenetic loss
> of a horn mentioned.

It's possible that it's a population difference. I'm not sure what kind of 
sample size there is (is there more than one skull known for _Dracorex_ and 
_Stygimoloch_?), but if the number of spikes varied on a creature to creature 
basis, it wouldn't be quite so unusual.