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Re: Theory or Law : Semantics??

Or we could try to campaign to make the term "hypothesis" more popular in places where the commonites mistakenly use the term "theory". Trying to change the semantics could have some problems, even going beyond science. (Probably a bad example but...) For instance, what are we going to call "music theory"? None of it can be called a law, but in no way can it be considered hypothetical. Or take the phrase (or some permutation thereof) "in theory vs. in practice"; it still implies that "theory" involves some very fundamental element of knowledge (which is basic enough that it does not take into account variables governed by other theories that cause the "in practice" outcome). I think this is too much trouble, it could be easier just to teach the public at a young age about proper vocabulary and diction involving the words.

dale mcinnes wrote:
Odd question to ask the List.
Do you believe that the Theory of Evolution should just be regarded as a well established Theory?? Or do you think we should start calling it a Law?? How
comfortable are we on this??
Again. Not a frivoulous question. It could carry somewhat of an impact over to Joe and Jane Public.
If they hear it referred to as Law (as in Gravity),
it may send the signal that those who disagree are
completely out-of-touch with 21st C reality. When the public hears "theory" they automatically assume
"hypothesis" ...... "speculation" ...... "best guess".
Could semantics be part of our problem out there?? _________________________________________________________________
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