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Re: First New Dino of 2010

2010/1/7 Tim Williams <tijawi@yahoo.com>:
> Interestingly, _Prenocephale_ and _Homalocephale_ were named and described in 
> the same paper (Maryanska and Osmolska, 1974).  _Prenocephale_ was named + 
> described three pages before _Homalocephale_, so if the two genera are 
> formally synonymized, then _Prenocephale_ presumably has priority.

Surprisingly, this is not necessarily true.  Turns out (as I
discovered when preparing the Cetiosaurus petition) that there is no
such thing as page priority under the ICZN.  It used to exist in
earlier versions of the code, but not any more.  First reviser gets to
decide which name wins in cases like this.  (Page priority does live
on as a non-mandatory convention that first revisers often follow; I
wonder how often that's because the reviser thinks that it's a rule!)