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Re: Google books

Mike, per Robert's and Ginny's wishes, all the income from their estate has been distributed to and is devoted to non-profit uses that benefit the public. Part of Robert's income is used to support the public library in his home town. Most of it is used to fund a semi-annual award that Ginny (Robert's widow) established to benefit the development of space flight (that trust is managed by Art Dula). Another lump sum grant was given to the US Naval academy to found and support a Chair in aerospace engineering at Annapolis. No offense intended, but all of these are non-profit uses that provide far more long term benefits to the common good than do copyright piracy and theft.

As an aside, I do not myself benefit from Robert's copyrights. Keep in mind that this is not my library, nor even a library near my home town or where I live. Ginny asked me to sit on the Library Foundation that supports the Butler Public Library as a favor to her and offered to pay my expenses to make the trip to Butler, MO each year. I refused to take her money when she was alive and continue to refuse to do so now that she has passed on. So basically, the public benefits from Robert's and Ginny's income come with a repetitive dead expense to me -- which is how it should be.

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Jim, it's nice for you that you happen to benefit from the work of a
twenty-years dead author; but surely the mere fact that you come out
of the copyright equation ahead of the game shouldn't influence
whether or not you think its _right_.  To pick a reductio-ad-absurdum
parallel, that would be like supporting slavery because your family
benefits from having slaves.  Support for the current copyright regime
must surely come from consideration of whether it's _right_, not of
who benefits.