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Fwd: NMMNH Coelophysis bauri bulletin available

Announced this morning on the Vert Paleo mailing list - and hopefully of interest to some folks here:

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Rinehart, Larry, DCA" <larry.rinehart@state.nm.us>
To: <VRTPALEO@usc.edu>
Subject: NMMNH Coelophysis bauri bulletin available

The Paleobiology of Coelophysis bauri (Cope) from the Upper Triassic
(Apachean) Whitaker quarry, New Mexico, with detailed analysis of a
single quarry block
By Larry F. Rinehart, Spencer G. Lucas, Andrew B. Heckert, Justin A.
and Matthew D. Celeskey

This volume includes a detailed assessment of the history and geology of
the Whitaker quarry at Ghost Ranch, NM, the quarry's fauna,
microstratigraphy, and taphonomy. An updated osteology is provided, and
vision characteristics, ontogenetic and allometric growth, lifestyle,
population dynamics, and reproductive effort of Coelophysis bauri are
analyzed relying heavily on statistical methods.

The 260 page bulletin contains 120 pages of raw biometric data;
measurements of essentially every bone in all C. bauri specimens that
were available to the authors. Tables and appendices present all the
biometric data of the bird and reptile outgroups used in the study.

One hundred twenty one figures plus four color plates comprehensively
illustrate the fossil material of the Whitaker quarry and the results of
the statistical analyses.

The price of Bulletin 45 is $30. Contact Beth Ricker, Store Manager for
the NMMNH, at beth@naturalhistoryfoundation.org  or phone 505-841-2871
to place orders.