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Re: Horner's Pachy Lumpin' - Your Thoughts?

In a message dated 1/8/10 1:24:35 PM, zach.armstrong64@yahoo.com writes:

<< I should also point out that in PT #75, there is a Pachycephalosaurus 
skeletal done by Greg Paul that has long spikes, too. I am not sure of his 
reasoning on this, but I'm sure he has a good one :) >>

This is based on the Treibold specimen. Although large, it is not as big as 
the big USNM skull without spikes. 

I by the way suspect that the hypothesis that a number of the dinosaurs we 
have thought are separate species and even genera are really growth stages 
is correct, this sort of thing goes back to all the juvey lambeosaurines 
being genera once upon a time. But small sample sizes do make it difficult to 
sure. Will discuss this in the field guide.