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Re: Horner's Pachy Lumpin' - Your Thoughts?

 Is this true in the case where the horns are also rapidly enlarging?
 It would seem in that case that merely increasing deposition on one
 side would change curvature w/out any removal required.

That would result in an S-shaped horn, and that's not what we see. Instead, the horns first curve backward, then they stick straight up, and then they curve forward.

 Further -- I wonder if backwards curving horns in juveniles is
 mentioned in lit as support (on a selective basis) for the 'extended
 close physical adult/offspring contact' scenario. Perhaps hunkering
 underneath Mom for protection from sun, weather, and predators (etc)
 was better tolerated by Mom if your little horns did not stick
 STRAIGHT up... :D

Who knows! :-)

Regarding horn resorption in *Pachyrhinosaurus*, this looks to me like the horn core was resorbed while the keratinous horn stayed; counterintuitive enough, but perhaps it suggests the same for *Pachycephalosaurus*.