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Re: avian nomenclature

> Try this http://www.worldbirdnames.org/ wich is run by the IOC
> (International Ornithological Committee) wich is constantly
> reviewed by experts on the field. You can also track the
> proposals, rejections for splits and lumps and everything
> else.
> Here you have experts deciding what to do, not just a
> copy/paste of every paper that comes out.

This is actually good, but "Ibises to Pelicans and Cormorant" and "Nightjars" 
are almost certainly wrong at ordinal level. Passeriformes families are also 
somewhat fluent; Wikipedia actually tends to have the most current information. 
For the first group I personally find the scenario of Christidis & Boles 
(Systematics and Taxonomy
of Australian Birds) best at present. There are few reasons for lumping 
Shoebill and herons, and fewer still seem any good.

I would personally favour including Cariamidae in a large Falconiformes than 
splitting Accipitriformes; there has not been not one reliable study that puts 
falcons where Hackett et al find them. Falcons close to seriemas? Yeah, I'd buy 
that. But the split is presently overemphasized if you have only seen half of 
the molecular data, and IMO the impact factor issue plays a role. Truth to be 
told, I find Science one of the less-reliable journals these days.



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