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Re: Horner's Pachy Lumpin' - Your Thoughts?

Tom Holtz wrote:
> http://www.dinosaures-web.com/images/dino/triceratop_horns.jpg

ME wrote:
>Well, it's true that that particular adult _Triceratops_ has horns that are 
>just about exactly the same size as the subadult's. However, Most 
>_Triceratops_ >adult skulls I've seen have bigger horns than that - I wonder 
>if that individual's horns are abnormally short. (?)

The specimen figured with short horns is MORT, MOR-005 I think.. As it happens, 
MORT's horns are actually modeled (other than their very bases) as they were 
weathered off in the field before collection. However, many other Triceratops 
specimens of similar ontogenetic status have similarly short brow horns, so 
this short horned model is accurate. The situation as we currently understand 
it, is more complex than as laid out in Horner and Goodwin's preliminary paper, 
and will be rectified somewhat in the upcoming papers by Scannella et al. If 
you saw any of Scannella's 2009 talks on the subject, then you'll know a little 
of what to expect.