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Re: was: Pterosaur.net now: pteroid

2010/1/15 jrc <jrccea@bellsouth.net>:
> I whole-heartedly disagree with that and don't consider it to be supported
> by the evidence.  Some species have a pronounced pteroid facet on the
> inboard face of the preaxial carpal.
> JimC

No way doubting your word, but I am very interested in knowing which, please.
Indeed, I think Bennet (2007) has provided the only proof of a defined
articular surface outside of the already occupied fovea. I do not
remember if Bennet said this, but being there recent evidence favoring
that the pteroid pointed medialwards, and that the pteroid in many
Jurassic taxa is straight, how would a straight pteroid articulating
with the proximal syncarpal direct medialwards?