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Re: Unidirectional [...] Science

Being one who was around at the time, it used to be widely thought that the 
aquatic sauropods could walk on the meters deep bottoms of rivers and lakes 
while snorkeling with their necks vertical. Even whales and crocs cannot 
inhale with their lungs well below the surface, and elasmosaurs probably had 
to bring their lungs near the surface to inhale. It has never been argued 
that sauropods swimming with the tops of their backs on the surface could not 
inhale as can all animals. There is no evidence that unidirectional air flow 
or air sacs can improve underwater breathing, there is no evidence that 
sauropods were better adapted for the same than similar sized animals with dead 
end lungs, and there is no more reason to conclude sauropods were aquatic 
than there was before the publication of the croc respiration paper which 
makes to claim that sauropods were amphibious.