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Re: Unidirectional [...] Science

2010/1/16 don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com>:
>> Even whales and
>> crocs cannot
>> inhale with their lungs well below the surface, and
>> elasmosaurs probably had
>> to bring their lungs near the surface to inhale.
> These seem like solid assumptions, w/ the caveat that elasmosaurs might have 
> had some variant of the avian-style system. I note in passing that penguins 
> have air sacs, yet there is apparently little or no _skeletal_ evidence of 
> that.

A problem is, it seems to be more parsimonious to suppose
sauropterygians they had the primitive cul-de-sac system, because they
are more related to lepidosaurs than archosaurs as far as I know.
David Marjanovic may tell better.