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Re: Big boys and girls rule soft seds (was Dino Death Pits)

On Mon, Jan 18th, 2010 at 7:44 AM, don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com> wrote:

> "Rather, they appear to have been highly localized 
> areas of liquefaction caused by large-dinosaur (possibly 
> sauropod) trampling of saturated sediments. Evidence 
> indicates that the small theropods, and some other small 
> vertebrates, became mired and died in these mud-filled 
> pits."
> Thanks, Ben...

1 to 2 metre deep liquefied mud - 'deep' if you're a small (3m long, 1m tall) 
vertebrate, but hardly 
chest-lapping for an adult sauropod (barely knee-soiling for the real bigguns). 
In fact, if the mud 
was more liquid than sediment then a large sauropod might barely have noticed 

And why do I keep getting the dubious honour of having DML posts CCed to me? I 
have no need to 
read the same post twice, and many of them recently are to threads that I 
haven't even posted in.


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