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CREATION --- A Special Preview

To the DML.
This is going to be brief.
Saw the movie. It's a tearjerker ... of course. An extremely
sympathetic movie of his early life. Hooker and Huxley play
prominently. It's about the notes he has kept for so long,
in a box .... Annie's box. It leaves a lot out. But you can 
smell "sequel" all over it.
There is a scene, when Charles finishes his "Origin of Species" 
and presents it to Emma who tells him that he should
destroy it. Charles retorts that he will leave it up to her. "And
if I decide to burn it??" ... Emma asks. Charles tells her .....
"read it first". So she does. What follows is unsaid and the most 
hilarious scene in the whole movie. It really was quite funny.
The end credits also got quite a laugh. It will be released to the
rest of North America 22nd Jan. 2010.
One other note.
The theatre here in Calgary, Alberta was packed to the rafters and 
the audience, at the final curtain, was given over to thunderous
applause. You won't be disappointed.
So far. So good. Go see it. Support our Man.    --dale