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RE: Patagium attachment Was: Re: Pterosaur.net

> Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 10:21:52 -0800
> From: davidpeters@att.net
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu; habib@jhmi.edu
> Subject: Re: Patagium attachment Was: Re: Pterosaur.net

>>> I hate "reasons." And so should you. Evidence should
>> always trump "reasons." There was good "reason" to put the
>> pteroid in the cup of the preaxial carpal. Just no
>> evidence.
>> Come on now, I think we all know that when Mark said
>> "reasons" in that context, he meant the evidence supplied in
>> the literature. I certainly understood the
>> connotation, and I think everyone else did, too - there's no
>> reason to play the semantics game.
> No semantics game involved. Seriously. And if "evidence supplied in the 
> literature" is going to be used as a "reason" some of that has been falsified 
> in the literature, yet it still resurfaces. Please don't send me back to the 
> literature. I've been there. Send me evidence. 
  What's the postage rate on fossils these days?  is it still .30 US?
 so why do you consider literature the only falsifiable thing?
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