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Re: Dinosaurs Lived with Protoratites and Primates

> We infer flight to
 have been lost among ratites multiple times in temporally close
 association with the CretaceousÃïï Tertiary extinction event.

Fascinating. Utterly fascinating.

 instead of calibrating the time- course of evolution with a scanty
 fossil record, the geographical boundaries of the main molecular
 clades of primates are calibrated here with radiometrically dated
 tectonic events.

Stupid. Utterly stupid.
And a failure of peer review.

 This indicates that primates originated when a
 globally widespread ancestor (early Archonta) differentiated into a
 northern group (Plesiadapiformes, extinct), a southern group
 (Primates), and two south-east Asian groups (Dermoptera and
 Scandentia). The division occurred with the breakup of Pangea in the
 Early Jurassic and the opening of the central Atlantic (~185 Ma).

Yeah, riiiiiight.

What next? A Cryogenian origin for crown-group rabbits?