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Re: Dinosaurs Lived with Protoratites and Primates

2010/1/22 David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:
>>  Didn't we all have a good chuckle about that paper on the VRTPALEO
>>  list recently?
> No, because not all of us are members of the vrtpaleo list.
> (I never joined for fear it would eat up all of my remaining time. That
> proved completely unfounded -- the blogosphere is entirely capable of this
> on its own.)
>>  * Wait, should we be calling the clade Ratitae or Palaeognathae?
> Palaeognathae. Because I like that much better for a number of fairly
> obvious reasons.
> No idea which has priority, but the PhyloCode isn't implemented yet, and the
> ICZN doesn't care above the family group...

What about the tinamou-moa clade -- can we call it Tinamoa?  :-)