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Re: Change in SVP 2010 dates

 [...] more than likely, the original venue quoted/negotiated/locked
 in a rate with SVP, but then it had to move it to another venue (the
 Hilton would have offered to do this given the circumstances), which
 probably has a higher standard room rate, and would only honor the
 original venue's quoted rates if SVP moved the meeting dates to off
 peak days.

That's exactly what they say happened, as far as I understand:


 The completion of an ongoing construction project at the Hilton
 Pittsburgh (the original venue) could not be guaranteed by the time
 of SVP's conference dates.  We were fortunate to secure the David L.
 Lawrence Convention Center and the Westin Convention Center
 Pittsburgh, though this necessitated the change in dates.  The new
 location is well-suited to the needs of the SVP meeting; here are
 some highlights:

 The Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh is honoring the originally
 contracted hotel rates of $149 single/double, $169 triple and $189
 quad occupancy, and is connected to the David L. Lawrence Convention
 Center by a skywalk. Make your reservations now [link].


 But really, does any of this actually matter to anyone?  I would hope

Look, I have http://xkcd.com/386/ SIWOTI syndrome. That I reply do something does not mean I consider it at all important. :-)