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Re: carnivorous hippos = omnivorous ceratopsians etc

On 24-Jan-10, at 9:27 AM, gsp1954@aol.com wrote:

Because many ornthischians had sharp beaks, some with anterior teeth, and
shearing dental batteries there was nothing to prevent them from being
scavangers like suids. This best applies to ceratoposians and especially ceratopsids with their parrot beaks to rip out chuncks of flesh and scissor like dental batteries to slice it up. The parrot beaks and in some case horns of
ceratopsians would have allowed them to defend carcasses against other
scavengers including theropods.

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A thought which most recently crossed my mind while watching NG's CotD. Considering the way the program went out of it's way to describe Triceratops as the most dangerous things that ever lived, it's surprising they didn't note that all a Trike had to do was try to bite a Tyrannosaur's legs and automatically end up impaling it.