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Re: carnivorous hippos = omnivorous ceratopsians etc

On 24-Jan-10, at 2:29 PM, Anthony Docimo wrote:

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 14:24:00 -0700
From: paleeoguy@gmail.com
To: rascienz@shaw.ca
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Subject: Re: carnivorous hippos = omnivorous ceratopsians etc

Something I like to consider is that Triceratops could have used its
nasal horn to pick up chunks of meat for later consumption, just like

 That makes -   wait.

Wouldn't that function like a ceratopsian anglerfish? (whether the Triceratops wants it to or not)

Lee Hall

The Styracosaur lies motionless as the albertosaur draws nearer. Just as it is almost on top of the all-too-easy morsel, the until-now- motionless/herbivore thrusts upward, impaling the unsuspecting carnivore. Now Styracosaurus settles in for an unusual feast..