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Re: carnivorous hippos = omnivorous ceratopsians etc

Amtoine Grant wrote:

> The Styracosaur lies motionless as the albertosaur draws nearer. Just
> as it is almost on top of the all-too-easy morsel, the until-now-
> motionless/herbivore thrusts upward, impaling the unsuspecting
> carnivore. Now Styracosaurus settles in for an unusual
> feast..

It puts a whole new complexion on that fossilized _Velociraptor_ vs 
_Protoceratops_ tableau.  The poor _Velociraptor_ was desperately trying to 
escape a rampaging _Protoceratops_!

(Actually, I have heard somebody suggest a similar scenario whereby _P_ was the 
aggressor and _V_ the victim.  The _P_ wasn't aiming to eat the _V_, just 
trying to defend its turf against a curious predator.  I don't buy it though...)