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Fwd: NMMNH Bulletin 46 (Drepanosaurs) available

>> Matt wrote:

The taxonomy and paleobiology of the Late Triassic (Carnian-Norian:
Adamanian-Apachean) drepanosaurs (Diapsida: Archosauromorpha:

By Silvio Renesto, Justin A. Spielmann,
Spencer G. Lucas and Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli
        This 81-page monograph by Renesto et al. summarizes the history

of study of drepanosaurs, photographically illustrates and describes all
significant specimens, provides a new taxonomy and discusses the

paleobiology of the group. Two new species, Megalancosaurus endennae and 
Vallesaurus zorzinensis, are described and named. In addition, three new
clade names are defined and established: Drepanosauromorpha =
Hypuronector + Elyurosauria; Elyurosauria = Vallesaurus +
Drepanosauridae; Megalancosaurinae = Drepanosaurus + Megalancosaurus.
This monograph provides the most comprehensive coverage of this
enigmatic group and serves as a compendium of the past two decades of
drepanosaur research.


I recovered the same list in the same order, so experimental duplication here. 
Curious, which taxon was the proximal outgroup?

I found it was Jesairosaurus.

David Peters