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Re: Fwd: NMMNH Bulletin 46 (Drepanosaurs) available

At 20.57 25/01/2010, you wrote:
> Megalancosaurinae = Drepanosaurus + Megalancosaurus.

Wrong under ICZN Article 36.1. http://www.iczn.org/iczn/includes/page.jsp?article=36 When Drepanosauridae was coined, Drepanosaurinae, -ini, -ina, and -oidea were automatically coined with it, so Drepanosaurinae already exists and has priority over Megalancosaurinae. In other words, whichever subfamily of Drepanosauridae that contains *Drepanosaurus* must be called Drepanosaurinae. It does not matter at all whether the name Drepanosaurinae has ever been used in a publication.

This was considered, but in the paper it has been made explicit reference to PhyloCode, not ICZN, for ICZN Drepanosaurinae and Megalancosaurinae may well be synonyms, and Drepanosaurinae has priority, but in a context of phylogenetic nomenclature it should be reported as Megalancosaurinae. Only by referring to PhyloCode the clade (Drepanosaurus + Megalancosaurus) can be considered hypothesis-specific (i. e. the clade is both a formal group and a relationships hypothesis). even if, in a future, it will include other genera, it shall always include the two specifier genera used at the moment of defining the clade.
Thus Drepanosaurinae (ICZN) can exist containing only Drepanosaurus;
Megalancosaurinae (PhyloCode) cannot exist without compresence of both Drepanosaurus and Megalancosaurus,it can never be a monolithic taxon.

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