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The Pterosaur.net blog and Flugsaurier 2010


A quick note to say that the Pterosaur.net blog has finally roared into life. 
Dave Hone has started proceedings with a couple of introductory posts: you can 
find them here:


Of chief importance is that Dave has posted all important information on the 
2010 Beijing Flugsaurier meeting there, too. It's more or less a repeat of the 
information in the first circular, but, in case anyone missed it, you can see 
it all at:


In addition, some DMLers will be pleased to know that Pterosaur.net is 
undergoing revision to become fully cited and referenced. We're not aiming to 
produce a comprehensive list of all pterosaur literature or anything, but, over 
the coming months, our various posts and essays should be complemented with 
pointers to relevant literature. 




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