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Re: Dinosaurian pseudofossils in Iran

That story seems absurd and scarcely reliable.
Seven years ago, Majid Mirzaie Ataabadi (an Iranian vertebrate paleontologist) then at the University of Esfahan, Alex Kellner of the UFRJ (Brazil) and me organized field work in Iran searching for dinosaur remains. Alex, Helder (a Brazilian preparator) and me were officially invited in Iran by the Ministry of Culture or Mines or something like that. Many paleontologists works in the departments of Geology of the Iranian universities and the Geological Survey of Iran is a powerful institution. We found and studied dinosaur footprints and the first dinosaur bones (and a tooth) ever found in the country. The richest area is in the SW (Kerman Province), where the continental Mesozoic crops out. The new had a large impact in the country and was spread by the mass media. If you can read Farsi, I can send you the pdf of the paper published on Geosciences (the journal of the Ministry of Industries-Geological Survey of Iran) and dedicated to our finds. Many young men and women are interested on dinosaurs in Iran, much more than you can suppose. At that time, there was a journal devoted to the spreading of paleontological information among interested people, Parineh. Of course, Tertiary mammals and Paleozoic conodonts are by far much common there than dinosaurs, thus mammal and conodont specialists are more numerous than dinosaur specialists.
Just to tell the truth, without any hidden political intent.


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A news story about what is almost certainly concretions, but the
discoverer's experience with reporting the find to the powers that be in
Iran is interesting:




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